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In June 2012, Guizhou XiShui County Qinyun Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological private enterprise that is integrated with the resources of Turning a variety of Turning Tree Tea Variety. The company has a registered capital of 5 million yuan. There are more than 2,800,000 yuan in total assets, leading enterprises in Guizhou Province, the agricultural industrialization and poverty alleviation and development of the city.The company's core base is located in the National Nature Reserve of Xishui County, Tianping Village, Xianyuan Town, Maoping Village, acquisition of sporadic tea trees, directly or indirectly drive farmers to develop more than 5,000 mu. Construction of production workshops, warehouses, laboratories, office and dormitory buildings, 3,200 square meters, installed two standardized tea production lines. The company passed the ISO9001 quality safety management system certification.Since 1998, the company has been engaged in tea production and operation and management. In 2005, it has been exploring the trial system for Xianyuan Tree Tea. After years of exploration summary, it is aimed at our county's unique big tree tea resources variety and climate characteristics, specialized. A set of relatively advanced big tree tea seedlings and big tree tea processing technology have core technology and professional teams from big tree tea seedlings to production and sales integration.There are currently developed products that have been produced and listed. They have "Jincong Si" Xishui Black Tea; "Silver Silk" Xi shui White Tea and "Swan Spring" Xishui Green Tea, is developing "Jin Yu Shuangquan" brand black tea, expect this year Listed in the second half of the year. Obtained 3 national intellectual Property Office to authorize the invention patent, 4 utility model patents, 10 appearance patents, 6 invention patents are being accepted. Registered "Township", "Golden Silk", "Silver Silk", "Swan" and five "Jin Yu Shuangquan" trademark. Customers all over the country, the products are exported to Japan, the UK, etc., are deeply favored by consumers at home and abroad, and have a high visibility in the tea market. The company is based on the entrepreneurial concept of "Inline Base Development, Exotreal Market Brand", using the advantages of the big tree tea resources in our county, adhering to the hard entrepreneurship, concentrating on developing, scientific management, and hard-up, developing and producing the most Original ecology with Chinese characteristics, pure natural high-end organic tea.
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