Guizhou Shanwangguo Health Industry Co., Ltd. China
Shanwangguo Organic Prickly Pear Juice 2L
FOB Price:  USD 29.3 / box
MOQ: 1 box
A pure fresh, nutritious everyday

       Originated from an organic plantation deep in the mountains of Guizhou, moistened by sunlight and rain for 200 days, artificial weeding and maintenance, biological control, "0" chemical fertilizers, "0" pesticides, only one selection per season, insisting on manual picking, only fresh thorns are the ingredients Pears, through nine advanced production processes, are made into a pure and fresh mouth.

       Fresh prickly pear big fruit! Every piece is full, every grain of gold! Keep the original natural taste! Fragrant and refreshing.

      resh and delicious freshly squeezed original juice, natural and organic, refreshing, pure and fragrant, mellow and full of flavor.



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