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Established in 2004, Liping County Dong Xiang Rice Industry Co. , Ltd. is an integrated joint-stock company of rice planting, order collection, processing, marketing, brewing and breeding, it is a provincial key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a provincial leading enterprise in poverty alleviation, a“Good grain and oil in China” demonstration enterprise and a provincial small giant enterprise. The company is located in the tourism Eco-industrial park area of Liping County, one of the counties of the national commodity grain base. It has registered capital of 34.16 million yuan, owns two production lines producing 220 tons of refined rice per day, and has 32 registered employees, grain brokers more than 300 people, covering an area of 135 mu. At present, has two production plants, two refined rice production lines, the daily production capacity of 220 tons. It has established a high-quality rice production base of more than 50,000 mu, located in the Yangtze River and the upper reaches of the Pearl River National Natural Forest Protection Area, beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful natural ecological environment, and no industrial pollution in food production. The company set up the registered “Jiuchao” brand Rice series products: Jiuchao Gong Rice, Jiuchao fragrant rice, miaosimi rice, organic rice, Liping County Xianghe glutinous rice, etc. , the product with modern advanced processing equipment, computer color selection from the fine processing, the product maintains the rice itself all kinds of natural nutrients, crystal full, rich flavor, good taste, favored by consumers, the products are in short supply and sell well both inside and outside the province. Since its establishment, the company has participated in the provincial and foreign agricultural products exhibitions and won awards, Liping County Xianghe glutinous rice has won the “National Geographic mark protection products”, “Nine Chao” brand series of rice products, has been organic, green product certification, “Guizhou province famous trademark”, “Guizhou province famous brand products”, “Guizhou good grain and oil” and other honorary titles and certificates. The company in line with the concept of innovation, keeping pace with the times, the production of nutrition, safety, high-quality rice for the mission, adhere to bigger and stronger“Nine tide” brand Rice brand, to promote the common development of related industries.
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