Guizhou Buyi Fu Niang Tea Culture Development Co.Ltd China
About us
Guizhou Buyi Funiang Tea Culture Development Co. Ltd . Where is located in Puan County, southwest of Guizhou Province,”the hometown of ancient tea in China”. Is a collection of tea planting, product research and development, production and processing, sales and tea culture disseminaton as one of the Tea industry chain development enterprises. Successively won the agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Guizhou green tea brand development promotion association governing units, Pu 'an "poverty crucial female role model" women's entrepreneurship demonstration base, women out of poverty in Guizhou base, support for the model enterprises, ZhenHai, Pu 'an employment workshop for poverty alleviation, the new citizens, the golden state craftsmen field, popular science demonstration bases in Guizhou honor. The corporate governance structure is divided into three levels according to power and responsibility: shareholders' meeting, board of directors and management team. The general manager responsibility system is implemented under the leadership of the board of directors, and there are functional departments including integrated administration department, finance department, sales department, material and supply department, production department and product technology department. Since its establishment, the company has given full play to its leading role and established a close interest linkage mechanism with local tea farmers. By providing jobs, sharing shares, enterprise operating profit sharing, stable acquisition of tea and other ways, it directly leads the precise poverty alleviation of 168 households and 711 people to increase income and get rich. At the same time, the "order agriculture" mode of "company + base + farmer" was adopted, which led more than 800 tea farmers to plant more than 5,000 mu of tea, and the average household income increased by more than 30,000 yuan/year. And through the factory + base to provide nearly 100 jobs, to achieve the goal of "one employment, one household poverty". Adhering to the business philosophy of integrity, pragmatism and innovation, the company takes "Inheriting the ancient art and carrying forward the ancient tea culture" as the purpose; With the sense of mission of "only for a cup of good tea in one's life" and the sense of responsibility of "conscience tea, rest assured tea and health tea", we are committed to further improve the tea industry chain and promote the integration and development of agricultural industry one after another.


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