Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Special Flavour Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd. China
About us
The brand of "LAOGANMA" is created from scratch by Ms. TAO Huabi, the founder of the company .In 1996, Ms. TAO Huabi, the chairman of the board ,started to build a factory to produce Black Bean Sauce products, in Longdongbao, Guiyang City. With the development of over 20 years, “LAOGANMA” has become the most popular chili sauce brand at home and abroad. Nowadays, LAOGANMA Company has owned three factories, which distributed in Guizhou Province, with total area 1600 mu and about 5000 registered employees. Every single day, people of LAOGANMA Company provide multiple tasty and health products for more than 2 million customers worldwide.  The endless pursuit of delicious food by people who love life, is the infinite power of hardworking of people of LAOGANMA Company; and the continuous satisfaction and recognition of costumers, is the priority goal of people of the LAOGANMA Company.


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