Liupanshui Cool City Kiwi Fruit Industry Co. Ltd. China
Manufacturer Exporter
Kiwi Brandy Gift Box (500ml/53°)

[Name] Mi You Red Kiwi Brandy Gift box (retail price: 398 yuan)

[Specification] 500ml

【 Ingredients 】 kiwifruit distilled wine, water

[Alcohol] 53%vol

[Production date] see bottle body (bottle cap) and box spray code

[Origin] Liupanshui, Guizhou

[Storage conditions] Room temperature, ventilation, dry, clean

Product features: Fresh fruit pure brew, 36 hearts only brew a bottle of red hearts kiwi brandy;

The aroma of the wine is sweet, the body is mellow, the entrance is smooth and cool, the cotton embellish drunk throat, and it is not good to drink


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