Liupanshui Cool City Kiwi Fruit Industry Co. Ltd. China
Manufacturer Exporter
Your red red kiwi fruit juice

[Product name] You red red kiwi fruit juice drink

【 Specification 】238ml*12 cans

[Retail price] 72 yuan

【 Ingredients 】 Purified water, kiwifruit pulp, sugar, food additives

[Shelf life] 12 months

[Production date] see bottom of tank

[Origin] Liupanshui, Guizhou

[Storage conditions] Keep in the place with dry volume, please drink in time after opening, allow a small amount of pulp to settle, shake well before drinking, and drink in cold storage for better taste.

Product selling points: 0 pigment, 0 anticorrosion, 0 lipid; Natural vitamin C, sour and sweet appetizers, to oil and spicy


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