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Nine Chao fragrant rice
FOB Price:  USD 13.02 / box
MOQ: 50 box
Nine Chao fragrant rice is mainly produced in Jiuchao Town and Maogong Township of our county. Because of its unique geographical and climatic conditions and fertile soil, it is irrigated by alpine spring water and applied with traditional organic fertilizer without any pollution. The produced rice has the characteristics of rich nutrition, crystal clear grains, smooth taste, natural fragrance and long aftertaste. It is a local conventional rice with a total growth period of about 140 days, an average yield of 450kg per mu, and a total grain number of about 182 grains per panicle. It has a compact plant type and developed root system.

Jiuchao fragrant rice is mainly abundant in Jiuchao town, Maogong Township of our county. Due to the unique geographical and climatic conditions, fertile soil, using alpine spring irrigation and the application of traditional organic fertilizer, free from any pollution, the rice produced is nutrient-rich, crystal clear rice, delicious, natural fragrance, long aftertaste and other characteristics. It is a kind of local conventional rice, the whole growth period is about 140 days, the average yield is 450kg per mu, the total grain number per panicle is about 182, the plant type is compact, the root system is developed.



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