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Purple Rice
FOB Price:  USD 14.8 / box
MOQ: 50 box
The purple Rice base (Liping County) has beautiful mountains and waters, beautiful natural environment, average elevation of 500-800 meters, and high content of soil organic matter. The whole production process is irrigated by mountain spring water. The difference between it and ordinary rice is that its seed coat has a thin layer of purple substance. Purple rice cooks rice, which tastes delicious, soft and tough. As a tonic, it is known as purple rice or "medicine valley". Rice porridge made of purple rice is fragrant, oily, soft and delicious. Because it is rich in nutrition and has a good nourishing effect, it is called "blood-enriching rice" and "longevity rice" by people, and it is also a good gift for guests.

Purple Rice Base (Liping County county) beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful natural environment, an average altitude of 500-800 meters, high content of soil organic matter. Whole production process mountain spring water irrigation. It is different from ordinary rice: its seed coat has a thin layer of purple material. Purple rice cooking, taste extremely fragrant, soft ligament in the mouth, folk as a tonic, purple rice or“Medicine Valley,” said. Purple rice boiled rice porridge fragrance youliang, soft glutinous palatable, because it contains rich nutrition, has a very good nourishing effect, so it is known as“Blood rice”, “Longevity rice”, it is also a good gift for the guests.



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