Guizhou Liping County Dong Xiang Rice Industry Co. , Ltd. China
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Organic Rice
FOB Price:  USD 13.31 / box
MOQ: 50 box
Organic rice particles are uniform, and the color is clean, translucent, shiny. After the rice is made, the rice grains are glittering and translucent, loose and soft, and poured from one bowl to another. The rice grains don't stick to the wall of the bowl, and they don't stick to the pot in the pot, so all the grains are neat. During the planting process, the base mountain is delicate and pretty, the natural ecological environment is beautiful, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the production process, and the traditional nature farming farming method of farm manure and rice-fish-duck symbiosis is adopted for production. As early as 2013, the organic product certification has been obtained.


Organic rice particles uniform, color white, translucent, shiny, non-mottled color. Made of rice, rice crystal bright, loose and soft, from a bowl into a bowl as a whole, rice does not stick to the wall of the bowl, in the pot is not stick to the pot, the grains of rice are neat. In the course of planting, the base has beautiful mountains, beautiful natural ecological environment, no pesticides and chemical fertilizers are applied in the production process, and the production is carried out in the way of farm manure and the traditional natural farming method of rice-fish-duck symbiosis, certified as an organic product as early as 2013.



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